Spacebit Wants To Decentralize Space

Spacebit Wants To Decentralize Space

Spacebit wants to decentralize the universe. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company has teamed up with Goonhilly, a satellite communications developer.

Together, they want to use blockchain technology to make their space missions public, as Goonhilly reported on their website.

For a long time man has been dreaming of the conquest of the universe. Accordingly, private space research has become a lucrative sector. One of the best known non-state space companies is Elon Musks SpaceX. But with the possibility of private space travel (at least for the very wealthy among us), the danger of centralizing the commercialization of the universe also increases. What may seem absurd at first seems particularly serious with respect to the invaluable minerals and metals contained in asteroid belts. The company Spacebit has therefore set itself the goal of decentralizing the universe, and cooperates with Goonhilly for this purpose.

Everyone Should Be Able To Participate

Spacebit wants to work for everyone to participate in the future of space exploration. So far, this is reserved only to centralized players such as very wealthy investors. The company employs engineers, rocket scientists, contractors, consultants and astronauts. They want to try to make space research easier for all users. They use blockchain technology to democratize access to space by tokenizing all their commercial missions into space. Spacebit uses Goonhilly’s network of over 60 satellite antennas to conduct the pilot projects.

Goonhilly is a UK based satellite communications developer. The company provides a range of space-related connectivity and operations services to commercial outlets and governments. Using blockchain technology, Goonhilly aims to create new space based business models that incorporate streamlined management systems for recording advanced data and communication between ground and space stations.

The results of the collaboration could soon enable us to invest in space expeditions, without having to spend millions on it.