Microsoft Allegedly Stops Edge Browser And Relies On Chromium

Microsoft Allegedly Stops Edge Browser And Relies On Chromium

The end for Edge? A report says that Microsoft is developing a new browser based on Chromium. “Project Anaheim” is to replace Edge under Windows 10.

The Edge browser never realy was popular to a lot of people. Although the developers have come up with a new rendering engine called EdgeHTML, which is much better than the outdated predecessor Internet Explorer.

Edge is faster and safer than Internet Explorer. But now supposedly its over: Microsoft is developing a Chromium based web browser, which should replace Edge reported Windows Central, they refert to an unnamed source. These have revealed that the new Windows 10 browser will be developed under the project name “Anaheim”. That means EdgeHTML as a standard browser engine is virtually dead.

Microsoft would not comment on this rumors. The Verge supposedly know that Microsoft will present the plans for a Chromium browser later this week.

No Desire For Edge

The reason for the alleged restart is that most users dont like Edge. Bugs and annoying designs keep many from completely switching to the standard Windows 10 browser.

Various statistics show that Google Chrome is the undisputed leader worldwide. According to Statista, the browser has a market share of almost 42 percent in Germany. Edge is currently only 7 percent in the past it was 5 to 6 percent. Even the Edge predecessor is more popular. In September 2018, Internet Explorer still had a market share of 10 percent.

Chromium The World Leader

Does Microsoft actually pull the emergency brake and stamp Edge? it would be a drastic step, but also a new chance to finally reach the dominance of Google and Chrome. The transition from EdgeHTML to Chromium would also save the developers a lot of work, but for the variety on the Web that would be bad news. Chromium already dominates the browser market. Still, many web developers are big fans of the Chromium engine because it quickly supports new web standards. EdgeHTML always lagged behind in comparison.

It is still uncertain whether Anaheim will use the Edge brand name or a brand new one, according to the source of Windows Central. It is also unclear whether there will be a new user interface.