Firefox 64 Makes It Easier To Handle Many Open Tabs

Firefox 64 Makes It Easier To Handle Many Open Tabs

Firefox 64 is here. The new release of the open source browser should make the handling of open tabs easier.

Mozilla has released version 64 of its Firefox browser for desktop operating systems. The new version should facilitate the handling of many opened tabs. This allows multiple tabs to be muted, moved, pinned, or bookmarked.

Another function, called the Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR), is intended to make Firefox users aware of new features. It analyzes the usage behavior. Mozilla states in a press release the case that you have several tabs open and uses them repeatedly. Then the CFR points out to the user that you can also pin tabs and shows him how to use the function.

CFR Only For US Version

The CFR is currently only active in the US version of Firefox. The function does not transfer data to Mozilla, but runs locally in the browser. It only works in normal browser mode, not in private mode. Mozilla will not receive a copy of the browser history.

A complete overview of all new features and changes can be found in the Release Notes.