AirPower Has Been Canceled By Apple

AirPower Has Been Canceled By Apple

Apple wanted to build a charging mat that can simultaneously charge batteries from three devices wirelessly. One and a half years after the announcement of “AirPower”, Apple has now given up.

Apple has admitted an unusual defeat and had to cancel the market launch of a long announced device. The charge mat AirPower for wireless charging batteries of up to three devices will not be come, as Apple said. After much effort, AirPower was not good enough and did not live up to Apple’s standarts, said top developer Dan Riccio, responsible for hardware development. He apologized to the customers who had been waiting for the device.

Apple had already presented AirPower in September 2017 and announced a market releas for the year 2018. The device should be able to charge at the same time an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the AirPods earphones by placing them on the mat.

Just Recently Called Off

For some time there have been media reports that Apple had to deal with massive technical problems. The “Wall Street Journal” now wrote that Apple abruptly ended the mat after it was found that the production cost was too high, the charge pad overheated, and some devices such as the Apple Watch were not reliably charged. The financial service Bloomberg also reported overheating and problems with the software.

The end for AirPower must have been decided at short notice because the recently released wireless charging case for the AirPods had been showing an image of the charging mat. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that AirPower had been ready for production. In addition, in the recent beta version of the iPhone operating system iOS hints were found to support the device.

Apple itself did not give any details about the problems with AirPower. There are wireless charging mats for two devices from other manufacturers. However, you have to place them quite precisely in certain places. Apple had tried to build a mat, where you could put the devices everywhere. For this, it should be filled with overlapping charging coils.